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Parallel Universes
British Museum x Future Makers

"The black hole would have to be large, and if it was rotating, it might have a passage to another, parallel universe..." - Steven Hawking

This socially-engaged art intervention for the British Museum Future Makers programme took the form of a free public workshop series, which invited young people and their families to engage with the Korean Pottery exhibit through hands-on creative approaches combining speculative futuring approaches and digital technologies. Participants were asked to explore what it might feel like to visit the museum as a complete outsider - an alien coming from one of the seven planets that orbit the Trappist-1.  The families entered the Korean Pottery Collection as their alien selves, beholding Earth-made pottery artefacts for the first time, and recording their encounters on digital tools. They took these findings back to the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre and used them to rebuild artefacts from the exhibit as reinterpreted by alien cultures, using clay, craft materials, collaging, glitching apps and other materials and methods. They then worked together to create their own multimedia art exhibit in a Trappist-1 style, working with projectors, cameras and other digital storytelling tools to display parallel universe creations created by all.

i want to dance for the renewal of the world.” - robin well kimmerer