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Art Tech Nature Culture
University of Sussex & CreaTures
Art Tech Nature Culture is a global community of practice which I founded with Lara Houston, Ann Light and other collaborators to offer a space for those working at the intersections of things to explore the creative possibilities of ecological regeneration together. The backgrounds of ATNC’s 350+ members are diverse, but they are united by a shared interest in using creative practices across disciplines (from arts, design, culture and hacking to science, technology and activism) to explore alternative futures that rethink, rebuild and heal. ATNC started out on a classic email discussion list on JISCmail servers, and it now has a steering committee, community programmes (from a mutual aid buddy system to a monthly natureculture list takeover) and an artist-in-resident, Louise Beer, for 2021-22. Interested folks are invited to join and get involved. 

i want to dance for the renewal of the world.” - robin well kimmerer