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Fresh Media
Vancouver, Canada

Fresh Media was a diverse collective of community groups, artists and activists who came together in early 2000s Vancouver to reimagine traditional media and journalism in Canada for a digital age.

"It’s an exciting time for media in Canada," we wrote. "Our current media system is transforming with both the crisis in big media and the rise of exciting web-based tools and citizen-powered journalism. We believe that cross media collaboration is essential to tell our stories in today’s media landscape, which includes blogging, music, film, visual arts, new media, print media, podcasts, radio, and television."

These were hopeful times in Vancouver’s media arts landscape. From 2009-2013, we curated several sold-out public events and exhibits alongside partners Open Media and W2 Community Media Arts which celebrated grassroots, citizen-generated media. Events included the Fresh Media Festival, Fresh Media Olympics and the Remixology Salon series, featuring keynotes, panels, workshops and hackathons with senior journalists, bloggers, artists and indie media makers.

Photo credits: Erin Brown John, John Hanley, Smarttnet. 

“I want to dance for the renewal of the world.” - robin well kimmerer