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Gentle Dismantlings
DING x Branch magazines

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Branch Magazine
DING Magazine

Thanks to: 
Superrr Lab
Green Web Foundation
Studio We&Us
Kit Braybrooke
Julia Kloiber
Michelle Thorne

Leofrine Nøv

Laura Guzman
Gentle Dismantlings was a very special collaborative issue of DING x Branch magazines which invited the next generation of posthuman feminisms across the world to share new insights & futures ~ those which challenge the structural forces that prevent us from interacting with each other, and the six million species we live alongside, in care and celebration.

From carving out new cyberspace territories in the Amazônia to decolonial rewildings of ancient diversity hotspots in India's Western Ghats, the issue's 7 articles explore how to foster a just, equitable and joyful transition through alternative means of kinship. The issue also includes a unique QR-code zine which folds out as a poster, for printing and sharing in community.


︎ 'Big Green Lies', by Gayatri Ganesh, India
︎ 'No', by Iryna Zamuruieva, Scotland
︎ '"The Quizumba is On": Technological Appropriation by Black Women in the Amazônia' by Thiane de Nazaré Monteiro Neves Barroa, Brazil
︎ 'Fugitive Memory: for Tu’i Malila', by Dr. Kate Hennessy & Dr. Trudi Lynn Smith, Canada
︎ 'Gathering Multitudes: A bag of stars', by Dr. Padmini Ray Murray, India
︎ 'Obtrusive Relationships', by Dr. Georgina Voss & Dr. Eva Verhoeven, UK
︎ 'Stories for Revolution' by Marjahn Finlayson, Bahamas

This special issue was a real labour of love, its tales compiled across multiple time zones and realities, beginning with a wildish idea that I brought to two of my favourite magazines in Berlin, which got a rich witches' brew stirring between three organisations concerned with tech, climate & gender justice: Studio We&Us, Superrr Lab & Green Web Foundation.

It is delicate work to bring artifacts like this into being, and it was only possible with the late nights, soft steps, and careful hands of many. Details here: Letter from the Editors.

“I want to dance for the renewal of the world.” - robin well kimmerer