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Open Government Data Camp
Warsaw, Poland 

In 2011, Open Government Data Camp came to Warsaw, Poland - the world’s biggest government data event to date. OGDCamp brought 400 representatives of more than 40 nations to the post-industrial warehouses of  Centrum Cyfrowe for two lively and warm days of collaborative talks, project sprints, hackathons and workshops between diverse communities engaged in open knowledge, civil society, policymaking, and urban futures work.  An old glimpse of the event in progress is on Flickr.

Selected testimonials:

“Every community needs a big event to bring everyone together every year. Just like every family has a Christmas party, where all are welcome, regardless of what happened during the year. The OGD Camp is the open data community’s Christmas party. I can’t wait ’till next Christmas.” — Ton Zijlstra,, Netherlands.

“[I loved] the ‘gathering of the tribes’. It was wonderful to meet similar projects, the scholars, and the politicians supporting them. And the venue – the M25 was incredibly cool.” — Iván Sánchez, Open Street Map, Spain.

“I came to OGDCamp to meet people who were working with city government and were involved with changing perception of open practices in their own communities – and this is where I think the power of OGDCamp and similar events lie.” — Julian Tate, Future Everything, United Kingdom.

“I want to dance for the renewal of the world.” - robin well kimmerer