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Space / Gather / Make!
Tate Exchange, Tate Modern
London, 2017

Space / Gather / Make! was a participatory arts exhibit at Tate Modern that emerged in collaboration with Tate Digital Learning and the Journal of Peer Production for Art:Work, by highlighting the community experiences of shared machine shops, or open workshops where people make and learn with technical tools. We worked with makerspaces, fab labs and other kinds of shared machine shops around the world from Japan to Ghana, asking them what worker-owned labour looked and sounded like in their spaces, while offering participatory activites that explored people’s experiences of space, labour and co-creation. The exhibit also featured an audio installation compiled from recordings across the spaces by Vasilis Moschas. Combining machine-produced audio recordings, beats and spoken-word poetry, its chapters illustrated typical makerspace experiences of flow, discontinuity, repair and breakdown. Photos: Tate Exchange, Sam Meech.

i want to dance for the renewal of the world.” - robin well kimmerer